Get to know JWC
Here at JWC we take pride in our jobs and in our community. We are dedicated to providing a fair, living wage for all employees and we flourish in a collaborative, innovative workplace. We believe there's no such thing as a bad idea.
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A message from the CEO

Nathan Woodworth, CEO and President
"This is an exciting time in the development of our company. We are hiring a lot of new people because JWC is expanding faster than ever. We’re cultivating at our primary site and are looking soon to start cultivation at our secondary site. Thanks to you joining us, we may be there already.

We’re going to grow more cannabis than any other company in Canada and we’re going to grow better cannabis than any other company in Canada. We use a unique cultivation methodology called the GrowthStorm production system which is based on an aeroponic methodology. You are going to learn all about it here at JWC along with a variety of other brand new innovative technologies that are going to be a disruptive force in the evolution of cannabis in Canada, we are going to write that future together."
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What it's like to be a grower

Eve, Lead Grower
"Being a part of the cannabis industry as it expands is exciting to me because I am able to impact other Canadians lives in a positive way by offering clean consistent and trusted medicine that provides relief for those in need. When training and sharing knowledge with our team the intention behind what we do is always at the forefront.

Empowering others through the process of learning how to use our proprietary grow system is something that excites me each day. Through new technology and innovation we hope to always keep improving and offering excellent products to bring to this rapidly expanding market all this through the fusion of this ancient plan with cutting edge technology and passionate people."
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What it's like to work in the shop

Brandon, Shop
"As an employee in the shop at JWC I feel very much a part of the whole process, my role in the company has given me plenty of responsibilities from building almost every aspect of our grow equipment to following Health Canada's rigorous expectations for sanitation, even though I’m not directly working with the plants I am working with each and every grow team solving everyday problems.

Working in the shop has given me great insight into the cannabis industry, and provides me new challenging opportunities every single day, as it is so much more than just watching seeds grow."
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What it's like to be a trimmer

Nicky, Trimmer
"Our jobs as trimmers is very important throughout the plants life right from the beginning to the end. While the plant is still in its life cycle we trim away the big fan leaves to allow light and air flow to reach each of the bud, also to optimize training.

Once it’s time to harvest that’s when we take down the plants and strip away all the fan leaves until we have a nice bud. After that process is done the cannabis is sent to the drying chambers. Another extremely important part of our job is to make sure all surfaces and equipment in the room is sanitized to JWC and Health Canada’s high standards."
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What it's like to be a software developer

Ioan, Software Developer
"As a software developer at JWC, I help develop proprietary systems to improve operational efficiency throughout the facility. I like working here because my opinion matters, my voice is heard and I can take an innovative approach to development. It's also nice to get feedback from my co-workers who use our systems regularly to improve their day-to-day tasks."
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What it's like to work in the office

Loretta, Strategic Initiative Coordinator
"Becoming a part of the JWC team has been the turning point of my career. I have only been with JWC a short period of time and have already experienced personal growth within the company which is extremely rare in the workplace. I was originally hired for the role of general office support which entailed working with the company’s financials, purchasing, inventory and lending a hand in any on going projects that needed additional support.

During the first couple of months I was told by Nathan that the opportunity to grow within the company was very much a real thing as the company continued to grow at an alarming rate, shortly there after I was presented with the opportunity of becoming JWC’s Strategic Initiatives Coordinator. I’ve never been more excited by broadening my horizons with helping with our second facility buildout, aiding in JWC’s marketing and new website development."

The Perks

  1. A leader in a new and ground-breaking industry with opportunity for rapid growth
  2. Cutting edge technology
  3. Newly renovated location with proximity to restaurants and shopping
  4. Family owned and oriented business
  5. Hard hitting battles on the Chess board

Does this sound like a fit for you? Then come join the JWC family!

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What JWC Employees Have to Say
Every day brings new adventures and challenges that are sometimes predictable and at times not, which makes the job unique and very rewarding. We all share the same vision and dedication to producing the best Cannabis for our customers. JWC has created a family environment where we all support each other and work together to offer creative feedback and most importantly you are always listened to and appreciated
Margaret Zdravkovic, Recruitment Specialist
Does this sound like a good fit for you? If so, then come join the JWC family!
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