What Separates Us
JWC holds a strategic relationship with the largest publicly traded cannabis producer, Canopy Growth Corporation, along with its strategic investment arm, Canopy Rivers Corporation.
This gives us multiple benefits, such as:
  • Access to high-quality genetics sourced from around the world
  • Industrial scale cannabis oil extraction infrastructure
  • Rigorous product Quality Assurance program
  • Increased ordering availability through the CraftGrow online store and Tweed Main Street online marketplace
JWC strives to be a thought leader in the cannabis industry through revolutionizing the way people interact and view a cannabis company.
How do we do it?
  • We support the student community through continued education and research opportunities within local colleges/ universities
  • We create strategic partnerships to ensure access to a variety of products for patients
  • We fuse industry partnerships to maintain our environmental and innovative focus
  • We develop disruptive technology to create new processes in cultivating cannabis that shakes up the industry
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PRICE Industries Partnership

Finite Environmental Control

JWC has an exclusive indoor horticultural environment research study partnership with PRICE Industries. This innovative partnership is the first of its kind in the industry. Precise control of the indoor horticultural environment is one of the most important factors for optimizing plant growth potential and yields.
The Price GRW is the industry's only horticultural environmental control unit to provide independent humidity and temperature control required for optimal growing.


  1. Ideal conditions for maximizing yield
  2. Real time notifications allow for an immediate response to issues present in grow rooms
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Revolutionary Growth Techniques

GrowthStorm™ (Patent-Pending)

The founding members of JWC have been developing a proprietary method of production for years, focused around a next generation hydroponic technique called aeroponics. Traditionally, hydroponics refers to a system in which nutrition is delivered to the plants roots directly using a water solution. While many iterations of hydroponics have been tried over the years, JWC's founding members collaborated and developed their own aeroponic grow system now known as GrowthStorm™ which allows for a level of control that is not possible with any other system. Growthstorm™ is now a fully-realized aeroponic growth system, capable of providing optimal conditions throughout the plant's life cycle and a wealth of valuable data. The system was designed to be an easily scalable, efficient, and cost-effective method of cannabis production.


  1. Consistent yields and product quality
  2. Accurate prediction of harvest volume and timelines to ensure constant product availability
  3. Greatly reduced exposure to insect and disease threats
  4. Free from substrates, as well as radiation or cold pasteurization
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Advanced Trimmer System

Tempest Trimmer™ (Patent-Pending)

In 2010, JWC's CEO found that he was spending hundreds of hours trimming dried cannabis by hand for his patients under the MMAR. He found that this was not only time consuming, but mentally and physically exhausting. The team began searching for alternative methods of trimming but found that a machine-assisted trimmer was not available on a small scale. The first prototype trimmer consisted of rotating blades within an enclosed cylinder which included a bud trimming grate as well as a hose attachment to clear away all excess debris. After hours of testing it was quick to realize the function of the trimmer needed to be perfected including choosing alternative cutting material to replace the original blade design. In the fall of 2017, JWC contracted with an engineering firm to re-design the trimmer and make the proper modifications to improve functionality and to maintain compliance with Health Canada (ACMPR) by ensuring all materials and components manufactured comply with the industry standards for both food grade automation and pharmaceuticals standards of processing.


  1. Accurate trimming to maintain flower quality
  2. Improved trimming time allows for greater efficiency
  3. Easy assembly and disassembly for sanitization