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420: Looking Back on Shaping Canadian Cannabis History

It’s 420, 2020.

It's the month that connects cannabis lovers: both the new users and connoisseurs, and the cultivators and collaborators that have come together to build an industry identity based on shared values. It's something of which we can all be proud.

At JWC, we love a joint effort, so we’re sharing some of the steps along our journey toward shaping the Canadian cannabis industry.

1. Thanking the teams that build us up to reach our cultivation milestones

It’s not just about building facilities that grow cannabis – it's about building the teams, talent, leadership, and technologies that set a precedent for cultivation success in Canadian cannabis. By challenging our capacities and giving teams the tools to be their own leaders, we are currently on track to produce a total of over 35,000 kg of dried cannabis each year once full production capacity is reached. We couldn’t have done this without our teams. Just recently, we reached one year of licensed aeroponic cannabis cultivation at our flagship facility, “JWC2,” on March 29, 2020.

2. Collaborating with industry partners to get us rec market ready

Collaboration over competition, always. It’s what brings together industry experts, supply chain specialists, and passionate leaders to put Canada on the map for its recreational cannabis. Working with the provinces and a national distributor, we are creating avenues and building bridges to increased access to cannabis across Canada. Find out more about our recent partnerships here.

3. Increasing access to medical cannabis for those who need it

We’re always driven to increase access to clean, consistent, aeroponically grown cannabis products. To help meet the unique needs and challenges of first responder patients, we expanded our compassionate care program to provide eligible patients with a discount benefit on all JWC dried flower and cannabis oil products. This program is designed to make medical cannabis more accessible to those that choose to use it as part of their individual treatment program. Interested in becoming a patient with JWC? Find out how to get started here.

What’s Next?

Stay tuned for more updates as we expand access to cannabis across Canada. Check out our What’s Happening page for all the details!

Also, stay connected on social all month long to see more!

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