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Collaboration in Cannabis: Why it Matters

Collaboration over competition, always.

At JWC, we make it a priority to find opportunities to align ourselves with other values-driven, like-minded organizations that strive for growth without losing their sense of authenticity. That’s because we believe authenticity helps us connect more meaningfully with our patients so we can focus on what we do best: producing clean, consistent, aeroponically-grown cannabis.

As a family-founded company whose cannabis is grown by patients, for patients, it is important for us to meet the unique needs of our clients. Collaborating with clinics, distributors, and suppliers that are focused on the client experience helps break down barriers to accessibility across Canadian markets, in addition to other benefits.

Why Collaborate?


As we prepare to enter adult-use markets in early 2020, we have chosen to collaborate with suppliers and distributors with the aim of connecting as many people as possible to cannabis that fits their needs. Strong supplier relations bring more options to patients and recreational users.


Strong collaborations keep supply chains moving, with all key players accountable to each other for smooth operations. This means more product in the hands of those who need it.


Collaborating builds the collective knowledge and experience of industry professionals so that opportunities to reach more patients and rec users can be leveraged.


Canada is on the fast track to becoming a global example for innovative cannabis production and distribution. Collaborating with other industry leaders that are forward-thinking in their solutions will help put Canada on the map.

Recap on November Collaborations:

Here is a glance at some collaborative moves we have made in the month of November to help connect more clients to cannabis:

  • On November 20, we announced that we have entered into a brokerage agreement with Kindred Partners Inc., a cannabis distributor, who chooses only to represent brands that make product consistency and reliability a top priority. As a growing company, we strive to form meaningful collaborations with like-minded brokers to provide clean, consistent, aeroponically-grown products to adult-use markets. Together with Kindred, we are breaking down barriers to accessibility and making cannabis as accessible as possible. Find out more in our press release.

  • On November 21, our President and CEO, Nathan Woodworth, gave Dean Blundell, from The Dean Blundell Show, and the Cannabis Wiki producton team an exclusive tour of our expanding JWC2 facility. Dean is a Canadian radio personality and cannabis enthusiast. He and his team are producing video content to help us celebrate our recent approval from Health Canada to double production capacity at JWC2. Find out more on that in our October 15 press release.

  • On November 1, we signed a supply and manufacturing agreement with Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp. to formulate and fill vape cartridges for Canadian medical and recreational markets. Heritage mirrors our commitment to innovation. Leading the frontier of modern cannabis by choosing only to develop trusted subsidiary cannabis brands, Heritage is working with us to bring more cannabis product options to the forefront. Find out more in our press release.

Our Final Thoughts

Industry collaboration ultimately enhances the client experience. With stronger supply lines and industry relationships built on trust and values, we can connect our clients to the cannabis they need.

Collaboration allows us to know more than we are capable of knowing by ourselves. - Paul Solarz

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