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Cultivating Top Talent at JWC

At JWC, we cultivate more than just cannabis. We cultivate top local talent in team-based environments.

From production to processing, our departments are collaborative spaces that bring diverse talents together to deliver the best possible client experience.

Working at JWC can be best described as a passion project, not a job.

Just ask the individuals we recently hired at our local job fair in October.

“It doesn’t feel like a job, and you can be yourself,” says Daniel Nyatsunga, production team member. “You don’t have to change who you are.”

Job Fair Success

After receiving Health Canada approval in October to double our production capacity at our flagship cultivation facility, “JWC2”, and add processing capacity to our pilot facility, “JWC1”, we were ready to bring fresh talent on board.

We reached out in the local community to source our next stellar candidates. In conjunction with the Region of Waterloo and Conestoga Place, we organized a job fair – and were overwhelmed with support and interest!

We saw approximately 700 candidates line up to meet us and chat about our workplace culture.

Four of our recent hires that made a lasting impression at our job fair took time after their shifts to chat about our culture and what it’s like to work here.

Employee Empowerment

“Perfectionism and meticulousness go a long way here,” smiles Scott Rolph, Grower at JWC2.

Employees are empowered to take ownership of their individual strengths and contributions to their teams. By providing collaborative tools, our teams are solutions-driven and motivated by a desire to help our medical patients access the product they need.

“The vibe is always team work to make the dream work,” says Derek DesRochers, grower.

“Everyone is positive – and everybody is willing to help everybody out,” says Daniel.

Best Buds

It’s not just the employees that get along well.

All production staff spend countless hours tending to the cannabis plants, which require very specific growing conditions. A high level of responsibility is given to each grower to help achieve optimum plant health, giving a newfound appreciation for the plant’s life cycle.

“All tasks become a part of making the plants happy,” says Todd Britton, Grower, “and a happy plant is a happy employee – and vice versa.”

From its roots to its shoots, “the plant is constantly on the move, so it must constantly be taken care of,” says Derek. “It’s a therapeutic way to make a living.”

Embracing Authenticity

At JWC, authenticity and uniqueness are encouraged. Diversity is celebrated because it reflects our commitment to meeting the needs of our diverse medical patients.

Our employees recognize that the connections made between cannabis and medical patients go well beyond the plant itself.

“Cannabis is so much more than just CBD or THC,” says Derek. “It’s about community and the potential of cannabis.”

Let's Get Growing (Together)

As we scale toward greater operational capacity and enter adult-use markets across Canada this year, we will be looking for fresh talent to join our teams.

Curious about our culture and current opportunities? The Join Our Team page is for you!

“Talents are meant to be shared.”
Carol B. Thomas

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