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Exploring Medical Cannabis Through Telemedicine

If you are interested in exploring medical cannabis as a treatment, then connecting with a healthcare practitioner through telemedicine could be an option for you. To help, we’ve put together a beginner’s guide detailing the steps necessary to set up an appointment. We’ve also included information about registering with JWC and how to place your first order.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the use of technologies, such as telephone or video, to connect patients with healthcare practitioners. This method is proving to be an effective way for patients to consult with physicians and specialists from the comfort of their own home. In most cases, a secure video conferencing platform is used to connect patients to a healthcare practitioner.

According to the Ontario Telemedicine Network, within traditional healthcare, more and more telemedicine programs are being integrated with traditional health care each year. As a result, there are reports of reduced patient wait times, hospital visits, and admissions. In most cases, telemedicine can also save you the time and money associated with travelling, especially for those that live in rural areas.

How do I get a medical cannabis prescription using telemedicine?

There are some simple steps to complete to obtain your medical cannabis prescription through telemedicine.

1. Do your research

Not all cannabis clinics offer telemedicine. If this is the route you have chosen to take, we recommend investigating their offered services. Ensure you are comfortable with the services they provide before submitting your personal information. It’s also important to note that some clinics charge for services provided.

2. Book an appointment

JWC works with several medical clinics that offer appointments through telemedicine, these can be found here. Clinics that offer telemedicine will have a computer icon displayed below their address.

3. Confirm your details

Before your appointment, the clinic will most often contact you to confirm your patient details and ask some preliminary questions about your needs. Depending on which clinic you work with, this may be done over video conferencing or by phone.

4. Attend the appointment

When your appointment arrives, you will consult with the healthcare practitioner through video conference on your phone, tablet, or computer. The physician will discuss relevant information, which may include your medical concerns, current prescriptions, and potential drug interactions, as required by applicable medical association policies. Some clinics also have cannabis counselors that can follow up with you to help recommend strains based on your needs. Once your appointment is completed, the healthcare practitioner will forward your prescription to JWC, or your preferred Licensed Producer.

5. Register with JWC

To complete your registration with JWC, you will be required to fill out and submit our online registration form. Once your medical document and registration form have been verified, you will be contacted via email with your login information and will be required to setup your password.

6. Place your first order

To place your first order for medical cannabis, you need the login information provided to you from JWC, along with the password you previously setup. For more information about placing your first order, click here.

Remember, you can discuss medical cannabis with your family doctor if you are comfortable consulting with them. Always follow the advice of your healthcare practitioner.

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