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How to Get Rec Ready with JWC

Hey Ontario! 

It’s official! We said yes to the OCS (Ontario Cannabis Store)! This is just the beginning of a budding supplier relationship that’ll bring more options to adult-use markets across the province.    

After recently signing an agreement with the province’s leading cannabis retail outlet, we’re ready to launch our products in the Ontario Cannabis Store’s online shop. Each product is made with cannabis carefully grown in Kitchener, Ontario.   

Here’s three ways to get yourself rec ready: 

1. Find Your Next Flavour 

Whether fruit, florals or fresh pine are your thing, there’s a JWC flavour to savour! Cannabis and cannabis products get their unique aroma and flavour signature from terpenes, the naturally occurring oils found in the sticky resin of the plant’s trichomes. If you’re looking for a product that packs a flavour punch, kief might be your next go-to. These versatile, sugar-like crystals are known for their high concentration of terpenes and true representation of the aroma of the cultivar.  

2. Keep it Consistent

The advantage of aeroponically grown cannabis is consistency. By cultivating our cannabis with care and tending to the health of each individual plant with precision using our GrowthSTORM™ platform, we’re able to achieve consistency in the potency, flavour, and aromatic signature of each of our cultivars. As a result, each product’s unique cannabinoid and terpene profile remains consistent from harvest to harvest. 

3. Authentic Cannabis 

Maintaining the authenticity of the cultivar is important to us. One of the truest representations of the cannabis strain, our kief extract is a celebration of flavour, aroma, and cannabinoids in a versatile format. Made using single origin lots of our freshly harvested, aeroponically grown cannabis, the authenticity of the plant is respected – and replicated – in our products from batch to batch. Grown locally in Kitchener, Ontario, our cultivars have deep roots planted in the community, and they’re cultivated by grow teams that embrace authenticity. 

Our Passion is Our Purpose

At JWC, our passion is to make clean, consistent, and aeroponically grown cannabis and cannabis products as accessible as possible to our diverse medical patients and recreational users.

Stay tuned for more updates as we add new products to our collection.   

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