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Recreational vs. Medical Cannabis

Purchasing your cannabis of choice through the medical or recreational markets in Canada requires some consideration before determining the best avenue to satisfy your unique needs. To help you through this process, we’ve compiled a list of benefits, including supply, reliability, coverage options, and more, associated with buying medical cannabis directly from a Licensed Producer (LP), like JWC. If you already have a medical prescription, or are considering joining the medical community, keep reading to ensure you’re taking full advantage of the options that are available to you as a medical cannabis patient in Canada.


Taxable Medical Expenses If you have a prescription for medical cannabis, you can claim your spending as a medical expense on your annual tax return. When filing your return, simply claim your annual medical cannabis expenses by adding up your receipts from any LP and include the total with your other eligible medical expenses on your claim. Remember to retain your records for six years, as per the Canadian Revenue Agency guidelines.

Financial Aid Many LPs in Canada offer different pricing models for different patients, such as VAC (Veterans Affairs Canada) coverage and compassionate pricing. For example, at JWC we offer a discount through our Compassionate Pricing Program for individuals that qualify. For more information about the various pricing programs offered by JWC, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Excise Tax When cannabis became legal in Canada for recreational use on October 17, 2018, an excise tax was introduced on all cannabis product sales. JWC has chosen to absorb the cost of the excise tax in an effort to make our medical cannabis more accessible to our patients.

Third-Party Insurance If you have a prescription for medical cannabis, and have third-party insurance benefits, your purchases may be covered under your health plan. As every insurance package is different, we recommend enquiring with your insurance company directly prior to submitting medical cannabis claims for reimbursement.

Consistent Pricing Medical cannabis is not subject to the same supply chain as recreational cannabis. As a result, individual licensed producers set their own prices for their products, rather than the price being set by the provincial governing authority. Furthermore, when you buy directly from a LP, it is more likely that the price of your cannabis is retained within the LP, rather than being distributed through the supply chain.


When managing your health, professional advice can greatly improve your success. Whether you choose to obtain a prescription through your family doctor or a medical cannabis clinic, the recommendations you receive will be tailored to your unique prescription requirements. Many cannabis clinics have knowledgeable staff who can help you with strain selection, consumption methods, and even optimal order sizes. If you choose to purchase medical cannabis with JWC, we have a dedicated Client Care Team available to answer any questions you may have about accessing medical cannabis clinics, placing your orders, and prescription limitations.


Knowing what is in your medication and how it's produced is important. You can choose which LP you register with based on their products, growing methods, and company values. You also have the option to split your prescription between multiple producers if you're looking for different products, such as dried flower, cannabis oils, or capsules. Being able to research and choose your LP is also important if you're looking for specific cannabinoid or terpene profiles. Don't forget that you can switch your licensed producer at any time. Here at JWC, we are proud to offer a variety of cannabis products and will be continuing to expand our product offerings on a regular basis. Learn more about how to switch your licensed producer in the Journal section of our website.


Each province and territory in Canada have their own distribution channels for recreational cannabis. Since legalization, there have been several instances of product shortages across all distribution channels. If you are purchasing recreational cannabis, you are limited to the supply that is made available to you within your province. As a medical cannabis patient, you are able to source specific cannabis strains or products through any LP across the country by registering with them. For example, cannabis products that have a high CBD content, like our Cannatonic strain, are desired by recreational and medical users alike. By registering with JWC as a medical patient, you can readily source the various cannabis products you need, and trust that we make it our top priority to make these products available to you consistently. Furthermore, JWC’s aeroponic cultivation method has allowed us to perfect our growing process, resulting in repeatable yields and consistent strain profiles.


As more people turn to cannabis to relieve a variety of symptoms, and as the recreational industry evolves, research in this area will continue to expand. Throughout Canada, we have already seen an increase in the number of groups researching new applications for cannabis, as the laws around this topic continue to change. JWC is a science- and technology-driven LP and have an entire department dedicated to research. We are committed to be an industry leader through continuing advancements in our technology and cannabis cultivation methodology.


Cannabis that is produced by a licensed producer is subject to very strict testing and regulations. These tests measure the presence of substances such as pest control products, heavy metals, bacteria and mold. At JWC we take sanitation very seriously and have established a pharmaceutical-grade facility to cultivate, process, and sell medical cannabis products.

For more information about becoming a medical patient, our growing methodology, or the products we offer, please visit these sections of our website:
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