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The Aeroponic Approach

Growing clean and consistent cannabis didn’t happen overnight at JWC. We’ve spent the last eight years implementing improvements to our methodology by closely monitoring our plants and making adjustments based on their needs. Our patented GrowthSTORM™ technology will create a new foundation for aeroponic cultivation and JWC is excited to introduce the next generation of controlled cultivation for cannabis. JWC intends to implement adjustments to the technology as needed for applications beyond cannabis cultivation.

The ability to grow clean, consistent cannabis is of the utmost importance to JWC. Using aeroponic cultivation, with our GrowthSTORM technology, allows us to achieve this goal with each harvest. In our aeroponic process, the roots of each plant are suspended, free from any substrates, and individually contained within a GrowthSTORM enclosure. An advantage to having the roots suspended without a substrate is the level of oxygen the roots are exposed to. This increased level of oxygen helps the plants grow a healthier root system, and thus results in a healthier plant, at a faster rate. We deliver a mixture of liquid nutrients in our proprietary, groundbreaking GrowthSTORM Dual Droplet System, which applies the nutrient solutions to the root zone at two different droplet sizes with the goal of optimizing root zone growth. The system allows us to analyze the plants nutritional intake by measuring the change in the concentration of the nutrient solution since the last feeding. This data is collected in GrowthSTORM Management, a proprietary software platform, where adjustments can be made based on the needs of the individual plant. Ultimately, our proprietary system results in complete control over the plant throughout its entire lifecycle. Due to the lack of substrates, for example soil, coconut fiber, or worm humus, the risk of substrate-borne pathogens is significantly reduced, as is the need to treat these pathogens with pesticides. This helps give us a clean final product, which does not need to undergo secondary processing, such as irradiation. As a result of the GrowthSTORM System, we have seen significantly less crop loss, higher crop yields, high cannabinoid content, and more prolific terpene profiles.

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The cleanliness of the GrowthSTORM Dual Droplet System is not limited to just the plants; the environmental footprint of this system is also quite minimal. The water/nutrient mixture is contained within the system and is applied to the roots at regular intervals. This negates the need to perform more frequent watering, as required under more traditional cultivation techniques, as any of the water/nutrient mixture that is not taken up by the roots will be returned to the reservoir to be applied in the next spray iteration. In addition, aeroponic cultivation benefits from the elimination of any costs associated with substrate waste generation. Our low cost, custom-molded equipment is subject to our rigorous sanitation program between growth cycles. This enables us to reuse the equipment for the next generation of plants, and continue to do so for up to five years before replacement is necessary.

The GrowthSTORM Dual Droplet System consistently generates healthier plants, with highly repeatable potency and yield. Through our next-generation aeroponics platform, JWC has raised the bar for cannabis cultivation in Canada and is certain this technology will be a leader in advancing the growth process for various agricultural crops. Using our advanced technology, we are proud to be on the verge of achieving not only the largest crop of aeroponically-grown cannabis, but the largest crop of any aeroponically-grown consumable in the world.

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