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The Top Five Biggest Moments of 2019

This month, our 2020 vision is to focus on embracing gratitude.

Looking ahead means appreciating where we were and all the hard work and talent that came together to bring us where we are now.

In recognition of this growth, here’s a countdown of our top five biggest moments of 2019:

#5: We’re producing and processing more than ever before

On October 15, 2019, we announced our approval from Health Canada to produce cannabis in four additional flowering rooms at our 340,000 sf. flagship cultivation facility, “JWC2”, located at 530 Manitou Drive in Kitchener.
Only a couple weeks later, we also announced our approval from Health Canada to process cannabis derivative products at our pilot facility, “JWC1”, located at 855 Trillium Drive in Kitchener.

This means we are bringing more cannabis and cannabis products to those who need it.

As we prepare to enter the recreational market this year, we will be introducing new products, including kief, rosins, and pre-rolls, to adult-use markets across Canada.

#4: Our local job fair was a huge success

Collaboration with the Region of Waterloo, Conestoga Place, and local news organizations overwhelmed us with community support and interest in our local job fair in October, which saw approximately 700 candidates come out to meet us and chat all things JWC.

#3: We gave our website a fresh, new look

New year, new look! We hit the refresh button on our website design to help you connect better with our cannabis. With more information and content at your fingertips, the new look and feel was designed with the needs of our patients in mind.

#2: We announced our plans to open a farm-gate store

On December 12, we announced our plans to open a 2,000 sf. farm-gate retail store attached to “JWC2” in accordance with legislative guidelines. With deep local roots, we are excited to re-invest in the community by providing direct-to-consumer sales of JWC cannabis and derivative products for medical and legal-age recreational users. The outlet is expected to be Waterloo Region’s first retail cannabis store located on a licensed cultivation site. This means we are increasing accessibility for clients and offering locally grown product to the community.

#1: We expanded our compassionate pricing – and got rave reviews

We expanded our compassionate care program to provide eligible patients with a discount benefit on all JWC dried flower and cannabis oil products. This program is designed to make medical cannabis more accessible to those that choose to use it as part of their individual treatment program.

Here’s what a couple of our clients said in October:

“Wow, I am actually blown away. That was the fastest response I’ve ever received from an LP. Thank you for being so responsive/fast. I REALLY appreciate it, and I am so excited to place an order with JWC!!” (Patient email)

“Best and friendliest LP yet. Keep it up, thanks for all your help guys and gals.” (Google Review)

Looking Ahead

Throughout all our top moments, we never forget that our patients are top of mind. Our 2020 intention is to continue providing an elevated experience and connect cannabis to those that need it. Interested in becoming a patient? Check out our learn page to find out how to get started with JWC.

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