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The Top Three Terpenes to Try: Spring Edition

Hit refresh on your favourite flavours by tasting a new terpene this Spring. A season that’s all about renewal and fresh beginnings, Spring is a great time to grow your palate.

Terpenes, the naturally occurring oils found in the cannabis plant, are responsible for lending each cultivar its unique aroma and flavour profile.

From fruit to florals, here are our fresh terpene picks of the season:


An instant escape to somewhere south, Limonene has a strong, sour, and tart lemon aroma. As its name suggests, it’s usually found in lemons, but can also be found in limes, mandarin oranges, and even cardamom. Limonene is found in our Dark Helmet GE cultivar, at 8.59% of total measured terpenes.

Boiling point: 176°C (or 348.8°F)


A rich bouquet of florals and fruit, Nerolidol is found in (you guessed it!) neroli, ginger, citrus zest, lavender, and lemongrass. It’s identified by its fruity, earthy, and sometimes citrus aroma. Nerolidol is found in our Northern Kush GE cultivar at 21.17% of total measured terpenes.

Boiling point: 122°C (or 251.6°F)


Fresh and complex, Ocimene is naturally found in mint, parsley, basil, and even mangoes. It is recognized by a sweet, herbaceous, and sometimes woody aroma. Ocimene can be found in our Cherry Diesel GE cultivar at 7.91% of total measured terpenes.

Boiling point: 66°C (150°F)

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are found on the trichomes of the cannabis plant and resemble a coating of frost. These tiny, sticky “hairs” contain the oils responsible for the plant’s smell and taste. Also present in other living plants and organisms, terpenes have aromatic characteristics that tend to consistently appear in specific cannabis cultivars.

All JWC strains, and their terpene content, can be found in our shop.

What Can I Expect?

Your experience with cannabis - and the terpenes it contains - will be unique to you. If you are unsure how cannabis may affect you, we recommend referring to Health Canada’s consumer information here. Always consume responsibly.

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