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Medical Cannabis
Cannabis cultivated by patients, for patients.
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We make cannabis as accessible as possible to those who need it through compassionate pricing and upfront coverage for veteran patients.
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New to the medical cannabis experience? Find answers to your questions and definitions for common cannabis terms.
We produce clean, consistent, aeroponically-grown cannabis made by patients, for patients. We recognize that each patient is unique with equally unique needs, so we nurture our plants like family with laser-precise care and attention.
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Canna-Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is one of the best options to cook with when preparing cannabis-infused recipes. Not only is it versatile, but unlike many other oils, it doesn’t alter the flavour of the recipe you’re adding it to, plus it's vegan-friendly.
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Cannabis-Infused Buttercream Frosting

Be ritual-ready with a tasty, homemade treat smothered in cannabis-infused buttercream frosting. Get baking!
420: Looking Back on Shaping Canadian Cannabis History thumbnail

420: Looking Back on Shaping Canadian Cannabis History

It's the month that connects cannabis lovers: both the new users and connoisseurs, and the cultivators and collaborators that have come together to build an industry identity based on shared values. We love a joint effort!
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Curious about cannabis? Find answers to your questions and definitions for common industry terms.
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