The Aeroponic Approach
GrowthSTORM™ brings clean, consistent cultivation to your operations.

GrowthSTORM™ Management

After years of refinement, the GrowthSTORM™ Management System is a complete cultivation solution that encompasses all aspects of our production system. Integrating our software and aeroponic technologies into your processes will introduce a new level of organization and analytics to your business.
Computer showing GrowthStorm Management


The GrowthSTORM Management platform monitors and records many different data points throughout the plant lifecycle. These reports can be analyzed in a number of different ways and has streamlined the process of data collection for the purpose of improving operations.

Sanitation Report

This report can be used by Quality Assurance to ensure sanitation schedules are being adhered to. This report can compile data for any given room and any given date range. This report includes employee information, timestamps and processes. This report can be generated instantly and can be very helpful for routine inspections.

Reservoir Report

The Reservoir Report provides a summary of all activities performed on the reservoir, including all nutrient dosages and complete water replacements. This report is often used as evidence of good production practices and an inventory for authorized additives.

Deviation Report

The Deviation Report records all SOP deviations and can be used to review and improve internal processes. This report can include a full history of the actions taken to log and review any deviations and help ensure that they have been examined and corrected where applicable.
In addition to the reports listed above, GrowthSTORM Management generates many purpose-built reports to comply with rigorous Health Canada GPP/GMP standards.
Computer showing GrowthStorm Management
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